Long may you run

We’ve been throgh some things together with trunks of memories still to come. We found things to do. Long may you run.

We came to Sedona the first time years ago when mom and dad gave us a two week condo and fell in love with place. I have been running for 21 years and this by far is my utmost absolute favorite trail. It is hard ateep and scenic. Thanks mom and dad!!!

Baldwin trail

Shootin round the tricky bends i hear a conversation in my head i sing a little melody instead i won’t argue with myself today my legs are getting some help. My son tells me i should stop go and get a real job. That cant be the way that i roll!

We have decided to take up mt bike riding. Did a great ride yesturday.

Chuckwagon trail

Yes dad we have played two rounds of disk golf. Don did well and i,well, i had fun.

We made it to sedona inspite of ourselves

Inspite of ourselves we’ll end up a-sittin on a rainbow. Against all odds, honey we’re the big door prize. There won’t be nothin here but big ol hearts dancin in our eyes

Last year Rio Verde rv park

This year

Yup last year we were snowed in. Then evacuated because of a flood. River rose 24 feet over night. Police knocked on our door and said get out now. We did! I dont know if you can tell but this year the river is way down below the trailer. Last year, about 3 feet.

So will catch up with you all later.

Moseying along to Sedona

We left feb 25 and stayed a couple days with collin and jef. Collin then left to go canvassing in california for sanders.
We then mossied along down to sacramento to see more family. Cathy, John, robin, ricky, rick, laurie, bill, colleen,Rachel, dana,eric, Xavier,mom and dad. We also got to meet robins neighbors and their new awsome e bikes.

More red rocks

This is what we saw the day before the half marathon. Did a couple short walks through arches national park.0315181711
Yup dad. Still have my hands. Don’t worry. Aron Ralston is the hiker you were talking about. He was in canyon lands national park when he had his incident. We are headed there tomorrow! Still playing 18 holes a day. Guess I am an addict.