Billy’s Boudin and Cracklins

Pronounced boo-dan

Leaving New Orleans was hard, it is so bike friendly and delicious in every way. But. Driving along I see all this advertising for boudin and cracklins. Well, you know me!!!

Decided on Billy’s after checking local reviews. Not kidding, best stuff I have ever had. Don wanted to go in for a second round.

Don happily eating crawfish pie

Boudin is a sausage with the best ever seasonings. It is served as sausage or, of course the best way, is to remove the casing, roll it up, and deep fry…boudin balls. Then the cracklins. Where do I start. Lots of meat still left on. Hands down, best flavor yet this trip.

Jessica had a friend over while we were gone

Yep, gone for a while and she starts inviting all kinds of creatures. This bear I think was trying to get to the bird feeders. Climbed all the up to the top of the tree level with the third story deck!

Seems to be a regular. Probably the same one I ran into at the park!

Casino Camping

We like to stay at casinos because they are free and have great 24 hr security.

Tonight we are staying at Wind Creek casino in Montgomery Alabama. A very nice place. We have never gone in to gamble, but might tonight

forgot to add that pi ture from the everglades. While out by the water in the evening hunting for crocodiles or alligators you have to cover every inch or you will be eaten alive by the bugs


I was so excited to learn my two favorite guys were playing in georgia. So exciting. The game could not have been more thrilling. The folks got a kick out of us wearing our duck Herbert and Mariota shirts. Had ablast. Hard to see Mariota lose, but fun to see Herbert win!!.

Excellent seats. The game had some awesome twists and turns that were amazing. If you like football at all, I suggest you watch the highlights. Falcons vs Chargers Nov 6

Game over. Next stop New Orleans


Don and I went to the beach once and that was enough in the keys. They ship the sand in to make beaches on the keys, HaHa. If you are hot and the damp sweaty air is sticking to you, the warm water dosnt help any. The water is so salty and sticky it is no help. Then when you get out, your towel, sand, everything you touched or looked at stuck to you. So, we stayed in the pool alot

Don went fishing and caught yellow fin, mackerel, and grunt fish. He brought home yellow fin and we fixed up a great meal.

we bought stone crab legs, 50 a pound, lobster 13 a tail, and shrimp. They take the large pincher claw from the crab toss it back. Then the claw grows back and they do it all over again. We made a really delicious sea food dinner

We road our bikes a lot. We road on the 7 mile bridge out to pigeon key. Very nice views

We also rode on no name key and long pine key. There we found key deer. They are so cute grow to about 2 feet tall

Time to say goodbye to the sticky keys and go back up to georgia

Cheese Burger in Paradise

Don fixed my bike! We rode to a couple of beaches and let shibo get some exercise then we drove to Key West. Shibo is really liking the bike rides now.

Southernmost point!

Key West is a very pretty but busy little party town. We road from the gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic, straight through town, in a dozen blocks.

Cheese burger in paradise

We had lunch in Jimmy Buffets original Margaritaville. Of course, I had taquila.

The homes here are wonderful. Some cute little ones, huge mansions, and wonderful yards. I couldn’t even afford a garage here.

Wildlife of the keys

Don and I enjoyed riding around Key West. Glad we are not staying there though. It’s a bit rowdy.

Everglades National Park

The weather was very warm and very very humid with a lot of muscuitos. We had fun anyway. Did a lot of bike riding. We took snake bight, meaning a body of water not bite, trail. Very spooky back in there. The trees, water, and creatures all make some alarming sounds.

we took another ride the next day and saw some interesting things

we stayed in pelican campground. The marina feeds into the florida bay which feeds into the gulf of mexico

On one side of the marina you will see crocodile and the other side manatee

I have better pictures of crocks on my camera and will show you when I get home.

We saw alligator, snakes, rose spoonbill, manatee, all kinds of birds, diamond back rattle snake, crocodiles and enough bugs to last the rest of my life.

interesting, not sad to leave!!