Don and I went to the beach once and that was enough in the keys. They ship the sand in to make beaches on the keys, HaHa. If you are hot and the damp sweaty air is sticking to you, the warm water dosnt help any. The water is so salty and sticky it is no help. Then when you get out, your towel, sand, everything you touched or looked at stuck to you. So, we stayed in the pool alot

Don went fishing and caught yellow fin, mackerel, and grunt fish. He brought home yellow fin and we fixed up a great meal.

we bought stone crab legs, 50 a pound, lobster 13 a tail, and shrimp. They take the large pincher claw from the crab toss it back. Then the claw grows back and they do it all over again. We made a really delicious sea food dinner

We road our bikes a lot. We road on the 7 mile bridge out to pigeon key. Very nice views

We also rode on no name key and long pine key. There we found key deer. They are so cute grow to about 2 feet tall

Time to say goodbye to the sticky keys and go back up to georgia

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