22 USA states and 2 Mexico states

Huntington Beach. Don and I came here for his birthday in 2017. We were staying in Anahiem to run the Disney half marathon. We both like this beach town for the food, beer, and great bike riding. Miles of trails! We rode 30 miles the first day and it was all trail that runs along the beach.

Bike tral, not road

On Wednesday we rode the Back Bay Trail. A very nice loop around the bay. Really beautiful area. If you click on the pictures in this blog they are bigger and show more detail.

This is one of our favorite spots in town. No window. The weather is so nice you can sit and sip on a Guiness on tap and watch the world. By the way, this is November 30th!

We were staying in an rv place a block off the beach and were able to ride our bikes everywhere we wanted to go.

Shibo rode for over 50 miles in Huntington beach. She sees the bikes and us getting ready to go and just climbs in here chariot.

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