Forgot part of Tuscon

We went to Tubac, a very small old town in Arizona. There we went to the Tubac Presidio Historic Park. It is a central site in the history of the Native American, Spanish, and American Southwest. It is the oldest settlement in the Arizona region of New Spain, settlement vs mission.

Old school house

Dad! Tubac had the first printing press and newspaper for Arizona! Made me think of you.

Thus is the house of Louisa Rojas. Her grandfather built the house in the early 1800s. She was the caretaker of the school. She was born in 1883 died in 1982.

Louisa Rojas

We then went to San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tuscan.

This is called the White Dove of the Dessert.

It was built to serve the San Xavier District on the Tohono O’odham reservation and still does to this day. The school goes from k to 8th grade. Founded in 1700 and completed in 1797.

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