El Centreo

We stayed out here in the nicest rv park called Rio Bend. Golf course, pool, full bar and restaurant, pool bar, pickle ball, tennis and a stocked lake. I really could have just stayed there and never come home. 75 and full sun every day. The sun was very intense so it felt warmer.

I wish I had taken some pictures. Oh well.

From here we went into Mexicali crossing into Mexico at Calexico. Glad we went because the contrast to Juarez is amazing. Nice shopping malls, restaraunts and yes, a big China town

When the railroad was completed back in the 1860s, the Chinese moved to mexico because of how poorly they were treated in the states. So, yep, we went to China town in mexico. Don wanted to eat at one of the Chinese restaurants but I figured we were really pushing our luck after eating all the stuff we did in Juarez and not get Montezumas Revenge.

We are off to Huntington Beach!

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