When Don, Jef, Collin and I were in New Mexico a couple years ago we fell in love with the hatch Chilli. I was stoked to learn that in Las Cruses we were only 30 miles away from the Chilli capital known as hatch. As the historical marker states, the Chilli was named after a commander.

A hatch Chilli can grow up to 12 inches long, with a plant that only grows two feet tall. These extra long chillies are called Big Jim. We have bought some big jim Chilli seeds and Jane and I are going to grow some. They make the best Chilli Rellenos. We know. Because we ate at the Pepper Pot in Hatch and sat at the table where Anthony Boudine, famouse chef known for his food travel show, sat and ate. Needless to say. He was a fan.

Chili fields, pinto beans, pecans as far as the eye can see

Couple if nice tractors there
I did some shopping

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