Ciudad Juarez Mexico

From Las Cruses we drove to El Paso to meet our guide Rich who took us across the boarder to tour the town.

Juarez is a tough city that has been devastated by the warring drug cartels. Blocks of empty buildings that have a look of post apocalypse. Rich walked was through the areas and showed us puctures of what the area looked like in better days.

He then took us to the better part of town and took us through the Tin Tan museum. He is a famouse comedian and actor

We then went to the Museum of Revolution in the Borderland. We spent a good amount of time there and he did a great job explaining it all to us. Pancho Villa and many others were discussed.

The museum
Venezuelan encampment with Trump wall to the right

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe which is attached to the old and still preserved Franciscan mission built in the 17th century

November 20 is Revolution Day in Mexico. It is celebrated annually marking the start of what became the Mexican Revolution which is what we learned about at the museum. We timed our visit well, there were all kinds if festivities occurring. Food, and music, and people out having a good time. We had burritos and beer.

Mescal with scorpians

Our tour guide, Richard, and Don both tried it. Me, no way. Gross.

When prohibition hit, distillers moved to Juarez and a trolley took people into Mexico from El Paso to embibe in the fruits of their labor. In here we had margaritas and tried Satol it was good.

This plaque roughly translated… a really juarezian knows that the Kentucky is not a place where they sell chicken. Are you a real juarezian?

This is where the margarita drink was born.

Getting ready to be back in states

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