More red rocks

This is what we saw the day before the half marathon. Did a couple short walks through arches national park.0315181711
Yup dad. Still have my hands. Don’t worry. Aron Ralston is the hiker you were talking about. He was in canyon lands national park when he had his incident. We are headed there tomorrow! Still playing 18 holes a day. Guess I am an addict.

Long may run

We’ve been through some things together with trunks of memories still to come. We found things to do in stormy weather. Long may you run.
Wow. This one had 25 to 30 mile an hour headwinds blowing straight up the canyoun! Like hitting a wall with every step of that 13.1 miles. But, we did it and had a free beer at the end. Beer is always brtter when it is free

Drill marks

Hey dad. Don and I both thought of you as soon as we saw the drill marks to blast out the railway. I do not know why all the hikes in this area have to be straight up with such weird twists and turns. enjoying them non the less. This hike went up to bowtie arch and corona arch. Of all the arches this corona has them beat. If you youtube it you can see where people put a rope swing up there. No way. Then played 18 holes. Good day.
We are slowing down starting today to get rested for the marathon on Saturday.