We wonder where we were going

Well Don and I were tired of the 95degree weather and dust.  We just drove off and left it all behind us.  We are in Evanston Wyoming on our way to yellowstone!  Had a sudden change of plans.  Found a very quant rv spot for the night.  Tommorow night  We will stay in the grand Teton national park.

My spelling and grammar are off.  All my blogging has been done by phone.  Very challenging.20170603_212324

Last day in Zion

Sad but true.  I have fallen in love with this place.  But I am tired of 95 degree days.  Today we drove up the canyon and through the tunnel that they carved out in 1919.  It is about a mile long, very dark, narrow, and amazing.  If you are a dualy or larger then  they stop oncoming traffic. They blasted out large air holes so at three places there were awesome views.Dad be sure to notice the carving of the tunnel.  We stopped traffic for it.  Today we saw mountain goats a California condor racoon deer frogs turkeys black headed gross beak.  We took small hikes.  Very tired.  Then we road the canyon with our bikes.

In the picture with the moon at the very top is a black smudge.  That is the condor.

They drank up their wine and they started talking.  Seems they had more important things to say.  And where we’re they going without even knowing the way.

Rational fear of emmenant death

Hidden canyon trail is an 850 ft increase in one mile then you go from there!  It is a slot canyon that you get to by taking a trail carved in to the face of a verticle cliff.  Some of the trail has chains that you can hold onto and some is following a natural ledge about a couple feet wide with nothing to to hold onto as you turn sharp corners with 1000 foot drops. Add to that a slippery path of Sandy rock.  We met Emily who is a nurse and she was happy to finish the hike with us.  We met Mac a very nice young man who if you look close you will see him on the arch.  He was very help full in getting me out of a very tuff spot.  Have met very nice people here!!  Before we did that we did weeping rock.  Water is seeping out of different layers of rock.  They have figured it has taken 700 years for the water to travel out.  Rained on us at the top of hidden canyon felt great but made things slick for the hike down!  Then we road our bikes through the canyon in the evening unbelievable views.

Angels Landing

This hike is named that because it was so high and had no accesse it was said only angels could land their.  I have no idea how but they built a trail on a frightening ledge that goes up 1500 feet.  Litteraly breathtaking views.  Steep switch backs.  From there you grab hold of a chain and climb up the side of a cliff.  Did NOT do that part.  Instead we took the rim trail from there and went another mile up.  Very warm and slow.  It was interesting to go from the canyon up into different trees, flowers, and animals.  We saw wild turkeys, deer, lizards, chip munks, birds.  We were higher than the Turkey vultures were flying and that made me happy.  Needless to say we were tired at the end.  We rested and then went for a nice bike ride.  Not sure about tommorow.