Last day in Zion

Sad but true.  I have fallen in love with this place.  But I am tired of 95 degree days.  Today we drove up the canyon and through the tunnel that they carved out in 1919.  It is about a mile long, very dark, narrow, and amazing.  If you are a dualy or larger then  they stop oncoming traffic. They blasted out large air holes so at three places there were awesome views.Dad be sure to notice the carving of the tunnel.  We stopped traffic for it.  Today we saw mountain goats a California condor racoon deer frogs turkeys black headed gross beak.  We took small hikes.  Very tired.  Then we road the canyon with our bikes.

In the picture with the moon at the very top is a black smudge.  That is the condor.

They drank up their wine and they started talking.  Seems they had more important things to say.  And where we’re they going without even knowing the way.

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