Rational fear of emmenant death

Hidden canyon trail is an 850 ft increase in one mile then you go from there!  It is a slot canyon that you get to by taking a trail carved in to the face of a verticle cliff.  Some of the trail has chains that you can hold onto and some is following a natural ledge about a couple feet wide with nothing to to hold onto as you turn sharp corners with 1000 foot drops. Add to that a slippery path of Sandy rock.  We met Emily who is a nurse and she was happy to finish the hike with us.  We met Mac a very nice young man who if you look close you will see him on the arch.  He was very help full in getting me out of a very tuff spot.  Have met very nice people here!!  Before we did that we did weeping rock.  Water is seeping out of different layers of rock.  They have figured it has taken 700 years for the water to travel out.  Rained on us at the top of hidden canyon felt great but made things slick for the hike down!  Then we road our bikes through the canyon in the evening unbelievable views.

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