Angels Landing

This hike is named that because it was so high and had no accesse it was said only angels could land their.  I have no idea how but they built a trail on a frightening ledge that goes up 1500 feet.  Litteraly breathtaking views.  Steep switch backs.  From there you grab hold of a chain and climb up the side of a cliff.  Did NOT do that part.  Instead we took the rim trail from there and went another mile up.  Very warm and slow.  It was interesting to go from the canyon up into different trees, flowers, and animals.  We saw wild turkeys, deer, lizards, chip munks, birds.  We were higher than the Turkey vultures were flying and that made me happy.  Needless to say we were tired at the end.  We rested and then went for a nice bike ride.  Not sure about tommorow.

2 thoughts on “Angels Landing”

  1. It looks beautiful and like a lot of fun. Jealous!!
    Sorry I missed saying happy birthday a couple days back but we have been in the middle of a vacation nightmare that is not over yet. Mike will send a pic to Donald later.


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