Lee Vining and Monogram Lake

Today we went all over the place.  Old mining ghost town called Bodie.  Everybody just got up and left.  The school had desks and books and a lesson on the board.  The blacksmith still had tools etc. And the bars had table chairs and old bottles.  8300 elevation and can get 20 feet of snow.  The houses were covered in hammered out tin cans for water proofing.  There is a picture of the school bar house jail and bank.

Then we went to Tufus park.  Part of Mono lake with huge minerals from fresh water bubbling up into the lake.  There is no outlet for this huge lake and the water is oily, naturally, and very salty.  80 percent of the sea gulls, 60,000, of the state of California come here to bread and nest.  The stay on a huge island in the middle of the lake.

We then went to Panic crater.  The youngest mountain in the US.  Formed 600 years ago.

We are finished with this area.  Blowing out of here and moving onto death Valley!  CLOSED ROAD TO YOSOMITE.



2 thoughts on “Lee Vining and Monogram Lake”

  1. Annalise funds it really amazing that people just left. And that they had chalk boards that long ago. Did you notice that there was a pam og Europe in the class? Well Annalise did.


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