I went so you don’t have to

What I learned in death Valley

You can not drink enough water, 50 sunscreen does not work, dry heat is hotter than anything in the world, you can outrun a sand storm, hike at night in the dark, trust nothing living.

We got up early to go for a hike in the dunes at 282 feet below sea level.  By 0800 it was already 85 degrees.  No shade no breeze.  It was a very short hike.  We stopped and did a couple short ones along the way and that was good enough for us.  We saw a borax mine and a borax wagon that was pulled by a 20 mule team.  We saw a side winder track.  We saw a jack rabbit.  We saw a lot of turkey vultures and you know what they eat so we left.

We just drove off and left it all behind us.  Where were we going without ever knowing the way.

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