The best ever

I forgot all about this place  had a burger and chocolate milkshake the last time we were in Sacramento.  So glad to come back!  Wish I could eat here every day.  Fries are fabulous.

Wish I could take you here dad!  But don’t think it would travel home well.


2 thoughts on “The best ever”

  1. sounds great– chocolate milk shake and fries—— you better run behind the trailer to Arizona if you keep eating like that!! I’m glad your having fun already. is shebo having fun too jim looks pretty good rested and calm. sorry there were only 7 of the children there but i’m really glad that you and don got to attend with mike Kimber and jim
    got to attend jim don and mike are the most important to have attend. if you have pictures of the dinner party add them to your blog. Colleen and I got the coffee pot delivered this morning but they had already gotten one so now they have two of them. We had breakfast at the Parkside restaurant. was very good.


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