Load the car and write the note grab your bag and grab your coat!

We left Sacramento on Monday and it was 45 degrees and raining.  Never seen that there.  Stayed in Bakersfield last night.

This morning we went running on the trail that runs along the Kern river in bakersfield.  To get to it we had to cross the 75 foot wide river.  Very intense and concerned about Shibo going that far in a river.  Of course there was no water in it!  Very different path for somebody who lives on the Oregon coast.  Ran under a train over a hwy through construction of an overpass past oil derecks an empty river and past a lake you were not to go close to!  We did see a kestrell.

Got as far as needles California for the night.  Drove into the Mojave desert on some of route 66.  Saw lots of nothing with an occasional windmill, made the hills look hairy, and solar panels.  So many solar panels it looked like a lake.  When we got onto hwy 40 outside of Barstow the road sign said 2,545 miles to Wilmington north Carolina.  What?  What?  Who cares.  (I know hwy goes there).  stopped in degget, 20 miles down the road, and at the pump in front of us was a very nice man named victor who is from yup Wilmington north Carolina!  What are the odds.  Too funny.  He was out here working now headed home.

Saying goodbye to California.  Had one last in and out burger.  Moving on to some great Mexican food in sedona.

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