You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere

So dad we now have another metal!  And here we are in an excellent little Mexican restaurant having a celebration beer or two.  The race was difficult.  Started at 4500 feet and an elevation incline of 1500 feet.  Was very fun.  The mountains in the pictures are some of the ones we saw on or run yesterday.  Most majestic runs we have done.

Today we hiked around and up the first mountain pictured.  Was a amazing with the changing views as we went around.  Not really easy as the sign below explains.  The last picture shows the other side of the rock mt.  Walk down into a canyon with some nice shade.  The extremes here are what makes this place so amazing.

Tomorrow we are going to the Palatki ruins and honanki ruins.  New territory for us.  These are said to be the jewels of area.


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