The desert is an ocean with its life underground and a perfect disguise above


Today we hiked sycimore canyon trail.  We drove 10 miles down a dirt road to a dead end in the middle of the desert.  Walked down a long long ways and came into paradise.  We hiked 4 miles up the canyon along the sycamore creek that flows into the Verde river.  Who would of thought we would go creek walking in arizona.

In one picture you can see the canyon.  One you can see the reflection of the rocks on the creek.  At times the trail is literally a ledge of rocks over the water.  Had to cross the creek 10 times.  The first time shibo did not like it.  Now she is a rock hopper and loves the cool water.

Did you go on line and see what we saw in the sky last night dad?  Space X!  Looked awesome.20180207005705



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