Days may be cloudy or sunny


Days may be cloudy or sunny, we’re in or we’re out of money.  But I will be with you always, I’m with you rain or shine.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Did you hear Cream had 3 puppies?!?!!!  Oh, of course it is all on facebook.

It has been rainy for three days here.  We still went running and played 2 more 18 holes of disk golf.  Was not to bad Monday and Tuesday but today even an Oregonian would say this is rain.  Tomorrow we move back into wonderful sun again.

Picture of Shibo kickin it in the house.  We got back this am from running and playing at dog park.  She is on or off.

Yup.  Now Don gets a new back bumper to match the new front one.  We were parked and in the store.  Our bumper is scraped and the whole side of her car is totaled.  Good thing the tow hitch wasn’t in!

I have been looking on all of our hikes and wanderings for a roadrunner.  Never saw one last time we were here.  Taking the back road out of the park and there it was.  Yup, roadrunner in the middle of the road.  They have the coolest Mohawks.  Because they are so fast they are one of few creatures that prey on rattlesnakes.


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