Cheese burger in paradise

The weather in Sedona was cold so went to Phoenix for the day.  Guess what.  They have 3 in and out burgers.  I only went to one though.  We went and played some of two disc golf courses.  One had 27 holes or baskets,  im not up on lingo.  Went to one in Scottsdale, vista del camino and learned there will be a world class a tournament this weekend with all the top pros.  Now thinking we might stay a couple extra days and watch some.  I might learn something and hey, I just might get a chance at another in and out burger.

Be very careful when retrieving your disk.  If the plants don’t get you the tarantula  rattlesnake havalina scorpion could.

Here us a picture of Shibo dad so you know we are taking good car of the little 🐕.




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