I hear a ching chang

201802280258252018022805094520180228053135Standing at the first tee trying to set my disk free, I hope to fill those chains up with my little valkyrie.  Well I got to be throwing.  I hear the ching chang.

So we left cottonwood and did take the detour to Scottsdale for the diskgolf tounament.  Glad we did.  We met a lot of very nice pros and got some autographs.  The fountain hills course is georgeous  On a man made lake with what was the largest fountain in the US.  Shibo went and all the players would come up to talk to her so we got to meet a lot of them.  After a while they all new her name.  Of course we said her name was Cheetos so we kept hearing, “hey, theres Cheetos”.

Notice the Sororo cactus next to the lake.  This place is cool.

We stayed in an upscale rv park.  Off season so we could afford it.  A three star motel room in this town is 250 a night.  The first night Don took shibo out for her final walk about and was stalked by a coyote.  The second night I took shibo out.  Pitch black and guess what I find.  javalinas.  A couple of nights earlier in the adjoining neighborhood  a woman was out walking her dog and was attacked by the javalinas.  She is still in hospital waiting for another surgery.  Seriously.

I did not get to the in and out burger.


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