High plains drifter

It has been so long since I bloged! We spent a day in monument valley and then moved on to moab utah.

Been doing a lot of running here trying to get used to the altitude for the marathon on the 17th.  We did an eleven mile run up a canyon to a very large arch.  We also hiked fiery furnace wilderness in arches national park.  Had to get a permit.  Only 75 people a day may go in.  Cracks, crevices, and many other tight spots to explore.  That made us both a little tired.  Not used to rock climbing.

Dead horse state park is the very famous bend in the Colorado river that curves around a large mesa.  Elevation 6000.  When we were running there don said we might as well run the mile at timberline!  They used to heard wild horses out on the mesa because it served as a natural coral.  There is a narrowing neck 30 feet wide that was crudely fenced off.  They would select the ones to keep and free the rest. History says a group of cowboys left a heard to die giving the mesa the name dead horse.  No food water and a 2000 foot drop to the Colorado river.

The disk golf course is very hard here. I have just about given up.  Don on the other hand is doing very well but that is to be expected.

This town is too expensive for its worth.  Most expensive town in all our travels combined.  Lots to do here though.  Just don’t eat, drink, or shop.

Found a fun little church that still uses a hymnal!  How fun is that.03081813290308181317030818131103081812230308181223a030818121803081811510308181152030818112003071813160306181314a0307181238

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