Minam to Rondawa

We road the Joseph Rail Riders from Minam to Rondawa about 20 miles round trip. No roads so we were way out in the trees. Very beautiful.

We started at the convergence of the Wallowa and the Minam River and road to the convergence of the Wallowa River and the Grand Ronde River. This location is called the Rondawa. Buzz Holloway, first person to boat solo down the Geen and the Colorado River, was killed here. He wrote a book titled “Doing The Thing”.

Oops. Buzz Hallstrom The Doing of the Thing

One thought on “Minam to Rondawa”

  1. Rail riders are sure fun. I would love to get out that way and ride them there. You sure are having some grand adventures!! That dredging machine looks and sounds terrible. Way to go to the tribe for fixing the water ways.


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