After all the learning and stuff we were looking forward to our Texas BBQ. After researching we had chosen 225 Urban Smoke. We tried to go the night before but they were closed. While we sat in the truck deciding where else to go, we watched a stream of people arrive, see the closed sign, and walk away with a very disappointed look. We knew that would be the place to go. Yes, it was open!!!

I introduced us as being from Oregon and being over the top excited about experiencing real Texas BBQ. We talked a while telling them how we enjoyed the river walk downtown and seeing the missions. I was having a difficult time deciding what to order, so many tough choices. Well, we made our choices and sat down. Then the food came, and kept comming. Turns out they were they ownerss and wanted us Oregonians to get the whole experience. They gave us everything on the menue.

He was stoked





Chicken Wings


Potatoe salad

Corn on the cob

Dirty rice

Red beans and rice

Fried onion rings and jalapeños

Home made pickles and onions

Mac and cheese

We ate more than we should have and still had enough left for another dinner. It was all delicious 😋 What nice people.

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