Long may run

We’ve been through some things together with trunks of memories still to come. We found things to do in stormy weather. Long may you run.
Wow. This one had 25 to 30 mile an hour headwinds blowing straight up the canyoun! Like hitting a wall with every step of that 13.1 miles. But, we did it and had a free beer at the end. Beer is always brtter when it is free

Drill marks

Hey dad. Don and I both thought of you as soon as we saw the drill marks to blast out the railway. I do not know why all the hikes in this area have to be straight up with such weird twists and turns. enjoying them non the less. This hike went up to bowtie arch and corona arch. Of all the arches this corona has them beat. If you youtube it you can see where people put a rope swing up there. No way. Then played 18 holes. Good day.
We are slowing down starting today to get rested for the marathon on Saturday.


Today we hiked the poison spider trail.  The terrain was strange and almost surreal.  Petroglyphs and dinasore tracks.  Long bow arch was at the top of the hike.  Did not see a single spider thank goodness.  Then like true addicts we played another  18 holes of disk golf.  I got a 35 foot put!0312181330


High plains drifter

It has been so long since I bloged! We spent a day in monument valley and then moved on to moab utah.

Been doing a lot of running here trying to get used to the altitude for the marathon on the 17th.  We did an eleven mile run up a canyon to a very large arch.  We also hiked fiery furnace wilderness in arches national park.  Had to get a permit.  Only 75 people a day may go in.  Cracks, crevices, and many other tight spots to explore.  That made us both a little tired.  Not used to rock climbing.

Dead horse state park is the very famous bend in the Colorado river that curves around a large mesa.  Elevation 6000.  When we were running there don said we might as well run the mile at timberline!  They used to heard wild horses out on the mesa because it served as a natural coral.  There is a narrowing neck 30 feet wide that was crudely fenced off.  They would select the ones to keep and free the rest. History says a group of cowboys left a heard to die giving the mesa the name dead horse.  No food water and a 2000 foot drop to the Colorado river.

The disk golf course is very hard here. I have just about given up.  Don on the other hand is doing very well but that is to be expected.

This town is too expensive for its worth.  Most expensive town in all our travels combined.  Lots to do here though.  Just don’t eat, drink, or shop.

Found a fun little church that still uses a hymnal!  How fun is that.03081813290308181317030818131103081812230308181223a030818121803081811510308181152030818112003071813160306181314a0307181238

I hear a ching chang

201802280258252018022805094520180228053135Standing at the first tee trying to set my disk free, I hope to fill those chains up with my little valkyrie.  Well I got to be throwing.  I hear the ching chang.

So we left cottonwood and did take the detour to Scottsdale for the diskgolf tounament.  Glad we did.  We met a lot of very nice pros and got some autographs.  The fountain hills course is georgeous  On a man made lake with what was the largest fountain in the US.  Shibo went and all the players would come up to talk to her so we got to meet a lot of them.  After a while they all new her name.  Of course we said her name was Cheetos so we kept hearing, “hey, theres Cheetos”.

Notice the Sororo cactus next to the lake.  This place is cool.

We stayed in an upscale rv park.  Off season so we could afford it.  A three star motel room in this town is 250 a night.  The first night Don took shibo out for her final walk about and was stalked by a coyote.  The second night I took shibo out.  Pitch black and guess what I find.  javalinas.  A couple of nights earlier in the adjoining neighborhood  a woman was out walking her dog and was attacked by the javalinas.  She is still in hospital waiting for another surgery.  Seriously.

I did not get to the in and out burger.


Fare you well

Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell, listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul.

So this was the last time we will run our favorite trail.  5 miles in the desert, forest, along the river bank and over Mountains.  Below are some pictures I took along the way so you can get an idea of the changing scenery.  The snow added so much beauty!

We have been studying videos Collin suggested and using the disks he recommended.  Today don and I both threw par on a couple of holes!  much more fun when you are not chasing after your disks all the time.

Tomorrow after church we are packing up to leave the area.  Can’t believe we have been here a month already. Pulling up stakes and headed to monument valley or Scottsdale for the pro disk golf tournament.  Either way, we are still going to monument valley and moab.  Just be a day or so and a burger or two later.


Cheese burger in paradise

The weather in Sedona was cold so went to Phoenix for the day.  Guess what.  They have 3 in and out burgers.  I only went to one though.  We went and played some of two disc golf courses.  One had 27 holes or baskets,  im not up on lingo.  Went to one in Scottsdale, vista del camino and learned there will be a world class a tournament this weekend with all the top pros.  Now thinking we might stay a couple extra days and watch some.  I might learn something and hey, I just might get a chance at another in and out burger.

Be very careful when retrieving your disk.  If the plants don’t get you the tarantula  rattlesnake havalina scorpion could.

Here us a picture of Shibo dad so you know we are taking good car of the little 🐕.




First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is

For the last couple of enoui we have  been doing some nice hikes and playing a lot of disk golf.  Oh and then got rear ended again!  We were at a red light and bam.  The man was surprised when we got out of the car laughing.   He hit us in the same spot as the day before.  No more damage he just kind of bounced off.

Today we did an 8.2 mile run with a total elevation gain of 2120 feet.  Up down up down.  The trails were Templeton, Baldwin, and Highline combined. The highline was a double black diamond.  The picture of don is him standing in the middle of the trail.  Yes, very steep.  The next picture shows the trail we are running.  Way down in the bottom of the picture is Baldwin, my favorite.  The next picture shows there is no more up.  We went as far as we could.  The last picture is just pretty. I took on the way down.

Well it is going to rain on Monday so it will be a good rest day.