There were plants and birds and rocks and things

We saw a fox and a couple of butterflies along with a lot of javelina foot prints.  Javalinas are really ugly big wild animals that look like boars but are not boars.  I do hope that we do not run into one.

Below are pictures of the Palatki and Honanki ruins built by the Sinagua indians.  These cliff dwellings were last lived in about 800 years ago.  These dwellings are all built under an overhang to protect from moisture.  Also built on the north side so in the winter the sun shines almost all day on the rock walls to keep warm durring the night and in the summer the sun hits the dwellings for just a short time leaving the rocks cool.

I also learned petroglyphs are ancient scratching or pecked images and pictographs are painted or drawn.  Below are some of each.  The reason the pictograph stays on so well is because minerals do not fade.  They used ground up minerals with animal fat and water.

One picture shows where the beams went two support the next floor.  They were 3 floors tall with a rooftop cooking area.

After hiking around the ruins we took shibo to the dog park and then we all went and played disk golf.  I love it here.

The next couple of days will be 80 degrees.



You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere

So dad we now have another metal!  And here we are in an excellent little Mexican restaurant having a celebration beer or two.  The race was difficult.  Started at 4500 feet and an elevation incline of 1500 feet.  Was very fun.  The mountains in the pictures are some of the ones we saw on or run yesterday.  Most majestic runs we have done.

Today we hiked around and up the first mountain pictured.  Was a amazing with the changing views as we went around.  Not really easy as the sign below explains.  The last picture shows the other side of the rock mt.  Walk down into a canyon with some nice shade.  The extremes here are what makes this place so amazing.

Tomorrow we are going to the Palatki ruins and honanki ruins.  New territory for us.  These are said to be the jewels of area.


Fixen to get read

We are fixen to get ready, as mom would say, for the marathon on Saturday so won’t be doing a lot of hiking or running Today!

So I think I have my tech problems fixed and below is the current picture of my favorite running trail, Baldwin, taken this trip the one last posted was from

last trip.  Also posted is Montezuma castle and the well.  The well is large and the same principal as crater lake.  This irrigated the entire Verde valley.  Could not drink it because of arsenic.  The other picture shows the prehistoric irrigation ditch built by the valley indians.  Very beautiful and amazing.

Deputy Bark Ranger


I want to apologize for spelling and other errors.  Because the internet here is so bad I am using my tiny phone.

Picture of shibo with her bark badge hiking up cathedral rock.  This was very steep with incline of 700 feet in .7 miles.  She scrambled up like a champ.  We helped her a little on the way down.  There is a picture below.  We covered some new trails that we did not hike last time.

The picture of the river is what we see from our patio and there is a picture of Don having a beer in 75 degree weather.  Now I get the snow bird idea.



Read rocks evertwhere

We were in Sedona in 2012 when dad and colleen gave us a two week retreat.  Our favorite trail to run here is Baldwin trail.  I was looking through the old photos and found one from 2012.  I have new pictures but am once again struggling with technical issues.

We were trying to remember what trail it was and found this old picture on a memory card.  Very happy we ran it today!

Since we have been here we have been to tutzigoot national park, Montezuma well and Montezuma castel.

Sorry dad.  Have lots of cool photos but having trouble again.

Shibo is now a Deputy Bark Ranger.  Card carrier with a badge.  Very fun.  Will try to send photos.



Kaibab trail

Hiked the kaibab trail for three miles.  Made it a quarter way to phantom ranch.  Trail was very icy in spots but we had our poles.  Shibo didn’t go because they are not allowed down the rim.  Until you go down into the canyon you just can’t really grasp it.  Glad we came back the last trip was so fast.  The picture of the cabin is Bucky Oniel cabin.  Built late 1800 and is the oldest building on the canyon.  That is the cabin Don and I stayed in.  It is a historical site that you can rent for about 500 a night.  Off season and it was empty at 4:30 so I talked them down to 150.00.  The whole thing was a blast.  Cabin on the rim trail sat and drank a margarita and watched the sun set as people walked by.  This time had our trailer.

We saw a six point buck and cow elk.  Got up to 42 degrees while hiking and that night was in the teens.

Made it to cottonwood and we have a little spot on the Verde river.  Half away, 10 miles, out of Sedona and Jerome.  Weather will be low 70s.  Maybe I will be able to kick the cold I have before we run the half.  Last time I was here I had a cold as well.  Darn it.  Made the 6880 elevation at the canyon a little more challenging.  Sedona is just over 3000 and the half marathon start at 4000.  I think we are acclimated now.




From 70ish to 20ish

So warm yesterday and today we did a 7.5 mile hike at 6880 feet elevation and thirty degrees slowly up to 49.  Trailer stays nice and warm you would never know it was cold out.  Lots of deer and elk.  Huge squrils about the size of a house cat with bushy tails.  We will do more hiking tomorrow.

Shinto is not impressed with Arizona.  Either it is Sandy and hot or Sandy with snow.  Where is a girl to go!

I am a passenger and I ride and I ride

Get into the car we will be the passenger we will See the star’s that shine so bright the sky was made for us tonight

We made it to the grand canyon today dad!  We saw the purple evening sky and the amazing stars.

We will stay here for 3 nights. 50 for high d ‘ll be 15 on Friday night.  So amazing.  A little snow.  Shibo was not impressed.  She likes sand much more.

Load the car and write the note grab your bag and grab your coat!

We left Sacramento on Monday and it was 45 degrees and raining.  Never seen that there.  Stayed in Bakersfield last night.

This morning we went running on the trail that runs along the Kern river in bakersfield.  To get to it we had to cross the 75 foot wide river.  Very intense and concerned about Shibo going that far in a river.  Of course there was no water in it!  Very different path for somebody who lives on the Oregon coast.  Ran under a train over a hwy through construction of an overpass past oil derecks an empty river and past a lake you were not to go close to!  We did see a kestrell.

Got as far as needles California for the night.  Drove into the Mojave desert on some of route 66.  Saw lots of nothing with an occasional windmill, made the hills look hairy, and solar panels.  So many solar panels it looked like a lake.  When we got onto hwy 40 outside of Barstow the road sign said 2,545 miles to Wilmington north Carolina.  What?  What?  Who cares.  (I know hwy goes there).  stopped in degget, 20 miles down the road, and at the pump in front of us was a very nice man named victor who is from yup Wilmington north Carolina!  What are the odds.  Too funny.  He was out here working now headed home.

Saying goodbye to California.  Had one last in and out burger.  Moving on to some great Mexican food in sedona.