From 70ish to 20ish

So warm yesterday and today we did a 7.5 mile hike at 6880 feet elevation and thirty degrees slowly up to 49.  Trailer stays nice and warm you would never know it was cold out.  Lots of deer and elk.  Huge squrils about the size of a house cat with bushy tails.  We will do more hiking tomorrow.

Shinto is not impressed with Arizona.  Either it is Sandy and hot or Sandy with snow.  Where is a girl to go!

3 thoughts on “From 70ish to 20ish”

  1. jana I agree great pictures shibo really looks like she doesn’t care much for snow I also noticed you and don a wearing jackets but poor shibo is in shirt sleeves. thatcanyon is awesomr isn’t it did you see the giant waves on news they brought a lot of new wood inon the beach in manzanita and broke the windows on a restaurant and motel in Lincoln city no damage inmanzanita or rockaway that I could see.


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