Kaibab trail

Hiked the kaibab trail for three miles.  Made it a quarter way to phantom ranch.  Trail was very icy in spots but we had our poles.  Shibo didn’t go because they are not allowed down the rim.  Until you go down into the canyon you just can’t really grasp it.  Glad we came back the last trip was so fast.  The picture of the cabin is Bucky Oniel cabin.  Built late 1800 and is the oldest building on the canyon.  That is the cabin Don and I stayed in.  It is a historical site that you can rent for about 500 a night.  Off season and it was empty at 4:30 so I talked them down to 150.00.  The whole thing was a blast.  Cabin on the rim trail sat and drank a margarita and watched the sun set as people walked by.  This time had our trailer.

We saw a six point buck and cow elk.  Got up to 42 degrees while hiking and that night was in the teens.

Made it to cottonwood and we have a little spot on the Verde river.  Half away, 10 miles, out of Sedona and Jerome.  Weather will be low 70s.  Maybe I will be able to kick the cold I have before we run the half.  Last time I was here I had a cold as well.  Darn it.  Made the 6880 elevation at the canyon a little more challenging.  Sedona is just over 3000 and the half marathon start at 4000.  I think we are acclimated now.




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