You just don’t know what your gonna find.

We drove into Bend for the day because our Solar Panel stopped working. Zamp fixed it for free. Anyway, we stocked back up, did laundry and away we go. We are now in Fossil doing some seriouse bike riding. I would never have ridden this area without an ebike. The roads here are steep. We are staying at the Wheeler County fairgrounds in fossil. The people next to us had to be towed here because they blew out the torque converter in their truck! Massive incline and it was 98 degrees.

I really dont know waht to say about this town.

When it cooled off a little bit we went for a walk in the town and found an interesting thing Dad. I know what a special place Mt Hood is to you.

This is the black smith forge that Fessler used to make all the decorative iron works for the lodge! Behind it is the first proto type of the airstream HaHa.

One thought on “You just don’t know what your gonna find.”

  1. What was wrong with the solar panel this time? That is an odd thing to have at a gash station. The forge is a neat find!


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