I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it now.

We have been in Fossil for 3 and a half days and rode our bikes all of them!

We road to John Day Fossil beds Clarno Unit. On most of our riding we have to avoid running over snakes. They look just like rattlers but are gopher snakes. Some have been up to 5 feet long! Here is a picture of a small one.

We saw some nice craigs

We rode to Twickingham also. Small communtiy southeast of Fossill. There we found a school built in 1909, a huge herd of elk, a Herier hawk, and the John Day River. This was an incredibly steep and windy and windy road (yes windy and windy are both spelled the same. I had to look it up). The elevation change on this ride was 2,500 feet! Our time going down was a little faster than going back up.

Here is a sign post to give you an idea of the area.

We also rode from Kimberly to Monument. Monument is a cute little town way out in Grant County. On the North Fork of the John Day. We saw to American Eagles.

I have really enjoyed seeing this area that is all new to me. We have seen some rickety old bridges, barns, tractors and other odds and ends. Don has wanted to see the area for a long time.

Well dad, we are headed up wo Walton Lake tommorow and will not have any services. Walton Lake is 16 miles south east of Hwy 26 half way between Mitchell and Prineville. Don will do some fishing and I will do some trail running. Will catch you later.

One thought on “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it now.”

  1. That is a lot of miles! Glad you have good gear and those assistant motors. Seeing a 5ft snake would have freaked me out.


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