Happy Fathers Day Dads!!

This was a great time on the river. Edith, Jef and Collin joined us to celebrate Father’s day. And, of course, to fish. This was a day of firsts.

Fist time camping (day camp). First day for Edith in her new backpack.

First time fishing with dad

First chese taco!

And my first hike with Edith. She slept most of the way.

Edith is pointing at her dad in the river.

First nectarine.

And a picnic with Bert.

The last two pictures I threw in for you dad because I don’t think you have seen many.

After all the excitement of the dat we went to Suttle Lake and spent some evening time on the boards

We rode our mt bike on the lake creek trail from Camp Sherman to Suttle Lake. 4 miles up and then four miles back down. Very fun!!

We are now headed to East Lake. We will be parked out by the lake. It’s the lake 45 miles from Bend. East Lake. That’s where we will park.

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