Into the great wide open, under the skies of blue, out in the great wide open, without even a clue

For our 40th anniversary we decided to drive to Florida and stay at the Fortwilderness Campground at Walt Disney. So, we finished our week as cooks at outdoor school and away we went.

We left outdoor school, drove home to get shibo, then we drove as far as the Dalles and stayed at the rest stop. Infact, we drove for 7 days and slept in 6 rest areas. We had a flat tire outside of Laramie Wy so spent some time there while it was being repaired.

Thanks to Good Sam Insurance, the tire was replaced at no charge.
And then we kept driving

Rest areas aren’t so bad when you live in an airstream. Below are pictures of blades of a windmill that were traveling down the road along with us and spent the night in the same swanky rest stop we did. These things are huge. Zoom in and take a look

When we got to Hannibal, Missouri, we stayed a couple days and toured Sam Clemens, Mark Twain, house and neighborhood. That was fun.

Sam Clemins

Then shibo, Don and I went for a bike ride along the Mississippi river

The next day Don and I took an adventurous ride along the river. We had permission from the railroad crew to trespass, but it was still fun!

Somalis Nature Preserve

LOVE YOU DAD AND WILL TELL YOU ABOUT NEBRASKA AND KENTUCKY TOMORROW. can’t believe I skipped Nebrask, Runza, and Abe Lincoln

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