Move over In And Out Buger

So, umm, I left out Nebraska. After driving through ID,UT, and WY, I was glad to get to Nebraska, the corn husker state, with green grass, trees, and rolling hills of corn as far as you can see. As we drive along we look up interesting facts about the area we are in. Well, one fact was that Runza is only in Nebraska, and it is very popular. Infact there are 86 Runzas vs 77 McDonalds. So, I had to try one of these cabbage, meat, and spices rolled onto fresh dough and baked things. Loved it. Had a traditional Runza with an order of Frings.

From there we drove on to Indian and toured the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln and the resting place of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, the mother of the president.

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